WeTube : The first eco-friendly online video hosting platform


Between 2010 and 2020, the overall internet traffic will be multiplied by 100!

Source : The sustainable network

By 2020, online video services (youtube, facebook, snapchat, vimeo), will reach 80% of worldwide overall internet traffic, generating more than 1 billion tons of CO2 every year! WeTube is the first eco-designed video hosting solution.

Source : Cisco video forecast 2015-2020

Online video : go green !

First effective layer of our technical ecosystem, WeTube is a new eco-friendly online video hosting and broadcasting solution, reducing the internet energetic footprint by 50%!

Our innovative technology relies on an hybrid infrastructure, on one side, we initially host content on eco-designed datacenters (some research and development in progress aim at recycling wasted heat). Avoiding air conditioning on one hand and leveraging peer-to-peer to build a virtual decentralized infrastructure on the other saves a lot in making and distributing copies in datacenters around the globe.

Thanks to WeTube, you now can host your videos on our infrastructure and save energy and greenhouse gas using eco-design and to peer-to-peer. One more thing: the power of the crowd enhance broadcasting quality and speed, while at the same time reducing the costs.

Easy to integrate/maximum impact

Easily integrate your videos on your websites, our player do the rest and show in real time the carbon savings.

Video Player

Our player displays the carbon savings and offers advanced sharing options.

Intuitive user interface

Your WeTube dashboard allows you easy acces to your video statistics, views, bandwidth consumption, active peers.


Your content manager displays all your content in a nutshell. You need to upload and encode an new video? Well, nothing is easier! Just drag and drop, it’s done! Everything is automatized so you can focus on your work. In case the wifi signal breaks up, don’t worry, WeTube can handle this! Upload automatically restarts from where it stopped when online.


Share your videos everywhere!

Saving the planet is pretty cool right ? But having a wide audience is also important! That’s why WeTube includes a powerful social sharing tool. Connect your accounts and in only a few clics your videos are uploaded to Youtube, Facebook and twitter. Of course, the more your WeTube videos have views, the better it is for the planet!


Congratulations, your video is everywhere!

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