Green IT audit : go green!

You represent a charity, a public organization or an SME of more than 10 employees and you want to measure your digital footprint?

A deep analysis of your equipments and infrastructures allow us to estimate the environmental cost of your IT use, but also to give you tailor made recommendation and best practices to minimize it. Our audit will focus on the following :

  • Hardware / telecom / operating systems
  • Uses
  • IT services providers / hosting providers
  • Software design


Audit / eco-design

999 € HT/day

  • Analysis of your infrastructure
  • Hardware audit
  • Website audit
  • P2P CDN
  • Eco-design
  • Optimization / Encoding
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Electric consumption of the IT sector is distributed as follows :

25% of the overall energy is consumed by datacenters, 25% by network equipments (switches, dispatchers, nodes, set top boxes) and 50% by devices (PC’s, mobile phones, tablets). The audit phase primarily establishes your IT footprint, then our consultant will recommend an action plan aiming at reducing your impact.

Source : GreenIT

An operational method

Sonora Labs Green IT audit decomposes into the following phases :

  • An accurate inventory , or mapping of your information system
  • Qualitative equipment analysis
  • IT security evaluation
  • Simple modeling of related business processes
  • A logical interpretation of information flows
  • An analysis of the computer information management
  • An assessment of energy related consumption levels
  • A verification of the existence of procedures and organizational methods
  • Identifying ways to improve your IS
  • An editorial stage and presentation of the audit report
  • The presentation of findings

A strong expertise, renowned partners

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