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Sonora Labs helps you reduce your environmental footprint on the internet

You run a startup or a small business? You are in charge of CSR in an SME or in a corporation? You are willing to initiate or to consolidate a corporate social responsibility approach in your organization, but don’t know where to begin? In three simple steps, we can help you adopt the green attitude for your IT department, follow the guide!

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The IT sector represents more than 13,5% of the global electric bill and 5% of carbon emissions.

Source: Gartner

Cloud, VPS, dedicated server, mutualized server, we have the solution you need.


We analyse your IT infrastructures: sizing, consumption, hosting.


Audio/video files, pictures, ZIP archives… our CDN solutions offer high availability at low environmental impact


When talking about energy consumption, design can change it all!


Host and broadcast your videos in a clean way using WeTube


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Our philosophy focuses on:

  • Respect of your IT budgets
  • Respect of your data security and privacy
  • Respect of the environment


In one decade, the environmental impact of the IT sector had an important growth:
From the most basic website to complex e-commerce solution, mobile applications, cloud based SAAS solutions, every octet that navigates through the internet requires energy, and is directly responsible for carbon emissions. Hopefully, solutions exists to reduce energy consumption.

Trust us and we will guarantee you :

  • An eco-friendly data hosting in one of our partners facilities
  • On-demand, evolutionary sizing
  • Optimal performance
  • Security and privacy
  • Domain names management
  • Mailboxes setup and management
  • Managed hosting/monitoring


You represent a charity, a public organization or an SME of more than 10 employees and you want to measure your digital footprint? A deep analysis of your equipments and infrastructures allow us to estimate the environmental cost of your IT use, but also to give you tailor made recommendation and best practices to minimize it. Our audit will focus on the following :

  • Hardware / telecom / operating systems
  • Uses
  • IT services providers / hosting providers
  • Software design


Facing the growing demand of online content providers was a major challenge that the CDN has easily taken with an explosive growth. Downside, competition between the players lead to a price war, neglecting energy consumption and environmental issues. Our CDN technology based on peer-to-peer focuses on costs and infrastructure performance, but with a lower overall energy consumption than traditional CDN solutions. Moreover, our network of paid peers offers a new, decentralized and collaborative vision of the internet.

Éco Design

According to Wirth law, software slow-down is faster than hardware performance in time. It means that software layers accumulation (often unuseful), slows down our machines so much that the improvements of hardware (new CPU’s, more RAM, more storage capacity) aren’t enough to note any significant performance gain, meanwhile energy consumption skyrockets. Software eco-design is a transversal approach (UX, UI, navigation, code writing, choice of CMS, content role and relevance, optimization, media encoding), able to substantially reduce the environmental impact of your online tools, websites, applications, etc.

Design options, technology, content optimization, CMS sourcing (existing or on-demand)... our team of experts can provide flexible eco-design solutions, from scratch creation, recast, to simply adding new features, following the best practises is the best way to go green. Another quick benefit: by reducing your site’s size, you gain more performance and save your users mobile devices batteries.

Ecodesign checklist by Opquast.

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Who are we?

Sonora Labs develops innovative and eco-friendly data hosting solutions. Relying on a network of energy saving datacenters, bringing software eco-design and an hybrid technology using peer-to-peer, we can drastically reduce the energetic and environmental impact of the IT sector.

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